Clay Scroggins

Interim Pastor

Hello Crossroads!

If you missed this past Sunday, July 10, Marc Croker and the Elders introduced me as the new Interim Pastor. Although our family is planted here in Atlanta, it’s been a joy to get to know you and your church through this season of transition. It’s humbling and exciting to get to step into this role while continuing to preach on Sundays and also work closer with your terrific staff team during the week. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way!


About Clay Scroggins

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a bit of a longer introduction of myself and my family.

Growing up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in a Jesus-loving, church-going, football-cheering family provided a great foundation for me. My parents are wonderful people. They love Jesus, they love each other, and they loved me and my two sisters very well. The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize that my parents are normal people just doing the best they can do, but I still have so much to learn from them. Anyone who’s been married for 47 years has something figured out!

After moving to Atlanta in 1998 to study engineering at Georgia Tech, I quickly got involved at North Point Community Church, volunteering as a leader for high school students. That season of my life is where God really grabbed my heart with the idea of full-time vocational ministry. And I’m so glad He did!

That led me to move on to graduate school at Dallas Theological Seminary to learn how to preach and study the Bible. Little did I know that the best gift of moving to Texas would be meeting my wife, Jenny. We’ve been married now for almost 16 years and I love her more than I did back then! We love our five kids and see them as such wonderful gifts from God (expensive but wonderful:)), but we’re hoping to launch them as soon as we can so we can get back to doing ministry together.

After a terrifically fulfilling 20 years of working for Andy Stanley and others at North Point, I was in a season where I was looking for more professional opportunities to speak and preach. And God has faithfully provided! I feel more called than ever to preach the good news of Jesus to other sinners like myself. If it’s on a Sunday in a church, great! If it’s a Tuesday in a business context, great as well!

The first Sunday I preached at Crossroads, I shared about how God has used Psalm 23 in this season to teach us what following the Good Shepherd looks like. The future is never perfectly clear. Our future, like yours, is filled with uncertainty and unpredictability. This season has built my faith and forced me to clarify my purpose on this earth.

Why am I here? What has God gifted me to do? And how does he want me to use those gifts?

The best I can tell, this is what God wants of me … The goal of my life is to use the microphone and stage to tell of Jesus, my Savior, to tell of the joy of following Him, and to call people to change toward His likeness…because that’s where true life is found.

As for you, if God hasn’t already, I hope you narrow in on your own purpose. I hope he reveals to you why there is breath in your lungs. I hope that he makes it more and more clear how he wants to lead others toward his marvelous light through your life as well!

And again, getting to preach Jesus and call people higher is such a joy for me! And being able to do that in this season with you all at Crossroads is an absolute thrill!

Eager to be a part of all that God has been doing and will do through His church, Crossroads Christian Church! Hope to be able to meet you all face-to-face!