Crossroads Performing Arts presents “Let’s Rock!”


Crossroads Performing Arts presents “Let’s Rock!”, a fun musical that teaches us how to serve others and to use our gifts and abilities for God. The Christian life is not a solo act – we are the body of Christ!

Crossroads Performing Arts is a ministry for creative and expressive kids and youth to grow in their crafts in a Christ-centered environment. We welcome you to experience this live show – complimentary admission – and support our young performers!

"Let's Rock" is a show filled with comedy, drama, and music about a group of kids and teens who set out to help their community by cleaning up Crossroads Park after a big storm. But some of them have their minds on something else – landing a spot in a new music video being filmed by a famous Christian music artist! Will the kids accomplish their goal to make a difference, or will they be swept away by a chance at the spotlight?

Event Summary

Courtney Chavera

Children's Theater