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By Barry Cameron
January 31, 2014

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Day One

You ought to make as much money as you can so you can give as much and save as much as you can so you can live like nobody else can!

Day Two

If you can’t give as much as you want & save as much as you want, something’s not right. Put God first & watch what happens.

Day Three

What are you waiting for to put God first? Whatever it is, it’s not worth waiting for, or putting God in line behind other things.

Day Four

How you spend your money tells the story of who’s first in your life & who you really worship. Too often God is nowhere to be found.

Day Five

Some people would never think of giving a waitress only 10% after a meal. But think nothing of giving God less than that every week.

Day Six

When a long-time Christian acts like tithing is something new, it means it’s been a long time since they put God first. (Pro 3:9-10)

Day Seven

If the Bible says we’re to honor God with our wealth, the first fruits of what we receive, what are we doing when we don’t tithe?

Day Eight

Those who say tithing isn’t in the New Testament obviously haven’t read Jesus’ affirmation of it in Matthew 23:23.

Day Nine

If you don’t believe in tithing & want to give more than that – great! When you give less than a God fearer in the O.T.? Not great.

Day Ten

The church doesn’t exist to collect money. But if it doesn’t collect money it won’t be here. God instituted the tithe for a purpose.

Day Eleven

Tithing isn’t a financial issue. It’s a Lordship issue. Do we really know God, and is He really Lord of our lives?

Day Twelve

Giving isn’t so much a matter of what you have as much as it is a matter of who has you. Your giving reveals who has your heart.

Day Thirteen

Why is it when Zacchaeus got saved, the first thing he wanted to do was start giving. Yet today, people say they get saved & don’t?

Day Fourteen

When we believe God and tithe, He will bless us beyond belief.

Day Fifteen

Those who say tithing isn’t in the N.T. need to read about Abraham tithing to Melchizedek, before the law. It’s there. (Heb 7:1-28)

Day Sixteen

Tithing is merely an opportunity for us to acknowledge God as the Source of all our wealth and blessings.

Day Seventeen

If it’s so easy to trust God to save us, why is it so hard to trust Him when He tells us to “test” Him when it comes to tithing?

Day Eighteen

When we believe what God says about tithing, it becomes easier to believe everything else He says. When we don’t . . . well . . .

Day Nineteen

God says tithing opens the floodgates of blessing in our lives. So what does not tithing do? (Malachi 3:8-12)

Day Twenty

 God says to bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, not use it for your house. (Malachi 3:10)

Day Twenty-one

 The tithe belongs to God, not us. We can’t designate it, divide it or divert it wherever we want.

Day Twenty-two

People who think they don’t need to tithe & are doing fine without God, need to read the parable of “The Rich Fool.” (Luke 12:13-21)

Day Twenty-three

God’s plan has always been to finance His work through the tithes and offerings of His people.

Day Twenty-four

The fact is, God doesn’t need or even want your money. He wants you. Until you give Him the tithe, He doesn’t have you.

Day Twenty-five

Put yourself first and the regrets start piling up. Put God first and the rewards start piling up. Your choice? Regrets or rewards?

Day Twenty-six

Tithing isn’t the finish line. It’s the starting line. So have you started?

Day Twenty-seven

Tithing isn’t a matter of accounting. It’s a matter of attitude. Do we trust God?

Day Twenty-eight

Until we have tithed, we can’t call anything we give an offering. Generosity begins where tithing ends.

Day Twenty-nine

In ministry, I’ve found when people aren’t tithing; most likely they’re cheating God in other areas of their lives, too!

Day Thirty

Tithing is not an act of generosity. Rather, it is an act of obedience.

Day Thirty-One

It’s simple! Give 10% to God first. Spend less than you earn. Pay off all debt. Save everything you can, and you can achieve financial freedom.


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Senior Pastor

Barry Cameron is a devoted father and husband, bestselling author, dynamic communicator, and Senior Pastor of Crossroads Christian Church. Crossroads has a gorgeous, 150-acre campus in Grand Prairie, Texas. Barry’s latest book, The Road to Financial Freedom, came out in the fall of 2020 and is available on Amazon. It’s another game changer for individuals and families who want to fix their finances once and for all.

Barry and his wife, Janis, have three children: Katie, Matt and Kelli. A daughter-in-law, Lindley and a son-in law, Johnny. They also have two grandsons, Will and Levi. Their family has been completely debt free since November 15, 2001.

Crossroads Christian Church has been debt free since November 9, 2008.