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By Barry Cameron
June 06, 2014

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It has to be one of the most bizarre incidents I’ve ever heard. On a Thursday night in July several years ago at about 7:00, while it was still light, a Dallas man sped his car off a bluff in Shreveport, Louisiana, and plunged into the Red River. According to his family he'd gone to Shreveport to gamble. More specifically, he was supposedly headed to the riverboats.

The Associated Press reported that Deborah Masterson, from Bossier City, was a witness to what happened. She was on the river in a boat with three other people when they witnessed the car as it flew off the bluff and hit the river before dusk. Believing it to be an accident, they rushed over to the partly submerged car and saw the man inside.

"We thought at first he was flagging us for help, so my husband and two other men in the boat started to jump out," Mrs. Masterson said. "But he looked at them, and waved his head like, 'No, stay away. Stay away.'" She said "her husband immediately called 911, but fearing for their own lives, the men decided not to dive in." Officers finally recovered the body around 9:30 p.m. and pulled the car from the river before 11:00 p.m.

Deborah Masterson said, "I've never in my life experienced something as horrific as that. I was screaming."

Even more frightening? As the car slowly went under, Mrs. Masterson said the man inside the sinking car smiled and waved. According to the Public Information Officer in Shreveport, Kacee Hargrave, police later found what they suspect was a suicide note.

Ironically, you and I find ourselves in a similar situation. We're living in a devil-dominated, sin-stained society where millions of people are attempting to wave us off even though they're on their way to Hell. They even smile as if to suggest they know what they're doing and are having a good time doing it. But the truth is they’re headed for a miserably bitter end that's anything but funny.

Today, don't stand in the safety of your own boat while sinking souls all around you may be waving you off, acting like everything is okay. Dive in and grab them ... while there's still time. The risk of offense is far less than the reality of an eternity in Hell.

Jesus said, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19). If we're following Jesus we have to be trying to catch every man, woman, boy and girl we possibly can.

So don't wait to see a sinking car somewhere just before sunset. The people who need you the most may be in a million-dollar mansion or in an ostentatious corner office in a high rise building somewhere. And don't be deceived by a wave or a smile.

Go get 'em ... before it's too late!

© 2014. Barry L. Cameron.

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