• Slam Dunks & Serial Drunks



By Barry Cameron
January 16, 2015

One man was famous for driving the lane to deliver death-defying slam dunks. The other, famous for driving drunk in the wrong lane and, if he slammed into anyone, the results would’ve been deadly. Both men were in the news this week. Both destroyed their lives. Both due to their choices.

The first man, a 6 foot, 11-inch, 230-pound, fifty-year-old former Dallas Maverick, died at Arlington Memorial Hospital this past Friday. No cause of death was given. But it was believed liver failure played a key role. The other man, a 68-year-old Trophy Club resident indicted on his eighth DWI charge, will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

How many chances do you get, and how many choices can you make before the consequences catch up with you?

At one time Roy Tarpley was one of the most talented players in the NBA. The seventh overall pick in the 1986 draft played for the Mavericks. He was a talented power forward who also played center and was voted the NBA’s Sixth Man Award Winner in 1988. But in October of 1991, he was banned from the NBA for life because of cocaine.

Harold “Mickey” Moore, was warned by a judge in 2006 when he was convicted for a seventh DWI, “You are not going to drink again!” You’d think, after seven arrests and convictions, he would’ve listened and learned. However, this past November he drove his Mercedes-Benz on a Texas highway service road and slammed into a BMW stopped at a red light. He was so drunk he never touched the brakes. No one was seriously hurt, but the most frightening aspect of his most recent run-in with the law was this was his EIGHTH DWI.

How many chances do you get, and how many choices can you make before the consequences catch up with you? For Roy and Harold, their chances are over. The consequences of their choices caught up with them.

What about you? We all know, whether we admit it or not, our choices have consequences. But none of us knows when the consequences will come knocking.

So, if you knew your next choice might be your last, wouldn’t you want to make sure it was your best?

Make good choices today … and every day!

“A man’s own folly ruins his life, yet his heart rages against the Lord” (Proverbs 19:3).

© 2015. Barry L. Cameron

[By the way, that’s the subject this Sunday as we continue The ABCs of Financial Freedom series with message #3: CHOICE]


Senior Pastor

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Barry and his wife, Janis, have three children: Katie, Matt and Kelli. A daughter-in-law, Lindley and a son-in law, Johnny. They also have two grandsons, Will and Levi. Their family has been completely debt free since November 15, 2001.

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