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By Barry Cameron
September 28, 2018

One of the most amazing things that happens at Crossroads, every week, is a program called Change for a Dollar. It’s one of many outreaches we have to reach out to people with the love of Christ. We began the program in January 2015. Since that time, we have helped over 1,500 families and 5,000 different people, most of whom are complete strangers to Crossroads, and given away more than $1,256,063.05 to help them.

One of the original recipients of our Change for a Dollar program, chosen January 4, 2015, was a lady named Donna Alexander. She and her two children were behind on rent and had been nominated by someone who has attended Crossroads since 2011.

According to Brian Carter, our Associate Pastor, that was our first contact with Donna. She was living in Cedar Hill at the time and eventually moved to a house across from longtime members, Richard and Sheila Manuel, so they could be closer to the church. In January 2016, she was baptized here and eventually became one of our faithful decision counselors.

It may seem like ONE DOLLAR can’t make much of a difference. But it did in Donna’s life.

Donna began an organization called Anger Room in 2008. According to the organization’s website: “Anger Room started as an idea Donna Alexander, owner and founder, had as a teen growing up on Chicago’s South side in the late 1990’s. In an effort to help with jail overpopulation and provide a place for her community to lash out safely and without repercussions, it started as an experiment in her Dallas garage in 2008. Today, it has now grown into the most popular and duplicated concept in the world.” 1

There are a number of anger rooms that have popped up all over the world, including Houston, Las Vegas, Toronto, Niagara Falls and Australia.

Sadly and ironically, this past week she was a victim of anger; stalked by an ex-boyfriend and killed in her own home. Her two children are in one of our junior high Connect Groups and we will have a service for her sometime next week.

An interesting side note: Donna was an organ donor and because of her generosity six more lives were saved.

It may seem like ONE DOLLAR can’t make much of a difference. But it did in Donna’s life.

If you have an extra dollar, above and beyond your regular giving to Crossroads, give it on Sunday ...

... so we can make a difference in someone else's life.

© 2018. Barry L. Cameron

1 “About.” Anger Room Dallas, www.angerroom.com/about


Senior Pastor

Barry Cameron is a devoted father and husband, bestselling author, dynamic communicator, and Senior Pastor of Crossroads Christian Church. Crossroads has a gorgeous, 150-acre campus in Grand Prairie, Texas. Barry’s latest book, The Road to Financial Freedom, came out in the fall of 2020 and is available on Amazon. It’s another game changer for individuals and families who want to fix their finances once and for all.

Barry and his wife, Janis, have three children: Katie, Matt and Kelli. A daughter-in-law, Lindley and a son-in law, Johnny. They also have two grandsons, Will and Levi. Their family has been completely debt free since November 15, 2001.

Crossroads Christian Church has been debt free since November 9, 2008.