• You Won't Believe Who's Coming Back to Church



By Barry Cameron
August 24, 2018

“The rebellious generation may become the religious generation.”1 That’s what Thom Rainer said in a recent article about an amazing study that has mind-boggling ramifications. He was talking about “Baby Boomers,” those born between the years 1946 to 1964, and said they are returning to church in record numbers.

Here’s a portion of what he said, “One of the most significant longitudinal studies (a study over many years) ever done provides a treasure trove of information for church leaders. And one of the most significant findings is the increasing number of baby boomers becoming more involved in religious activity like churches.

This discovery is the major finding from the latest wave of data collected from the Longitudinal Study of Generations, which was originally developed in 1970 at USC by then-assistant professor Vern Bengston. His successors have collected a ninth round of data in this 45-year study. The research was funded by the John Templeton Foundation.”2

He went on to explain three reasons why this is happening:

  1. Boomers have more time now and want to maximize their extra time by pursuing a more meaningful, purposeful life, including church.
  2. Boomers are becoming more aware of the brevity of life and want answers to questions they never asked before.
  3. Boomers are more aware how fragile life is. They now know they aren’t going to live forever and since it could be over tomorrow, they want to make every moment count.

Rainer continued, “Here is the gem in the study: One in five boomers have increased their religious and church activity in the past few years. Don’t take that statement lightly. Among the boomer generation, 20 percent are becoming more receptive to faith and church. That’s approximately 19 million boomers when the percentage is applied to the entire generation.”3

19 million people coming back to church is significant. Especially the generation that rebelled against authority, institutions and anything status quo. Anytime anyone turns back to God we ought to be there to cheer them on and encourage their growth, development and maturity in their walk with Him.

If they’re not from our generation, our age or stage in life, so what? We still need to be there and say, “Welcome Home!”

Anytime anyone turns back to God we ought to be there to cheer them on and encourage their growth.

This weekend we have an amazing opportunity to invite people to church with Michael Franzese, the former MOB BOSS for the Colombo crime family, coming as our special guest. Invite every unchurched friend and family member you know. You should even invite people who used to go to church. You never know what might happen. They might accept your invitation and come.

You wouldn’t believe who’d come back to church if we’d just invite them.

© 2018. Barry L. Cameron

1 Moore, Angel, et al. “Baby Boomers Are Returning to Church.” ThomRainer.com, 16 July 2018, thomrainer.com/2018/07/baby-boomers-returning-church/.




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