Published December 31, 2021
Barry Cameron
Barry Cameron


As we prepare to begin a new year in just a matter of hours, do you know what we need more than anything else? We need REVIVAL. 

Truth is, many people don’t know what it is, would say they don’t need it or don’t really want it.

The fact remains, WE ALL NEED IT. Desperately.

God said, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13). But who do you know that has really done that? 

Have you?

Shouldn’t we be praying Isaiah 64:1, “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains might quake at your presence.” 

We need God. We need REVIVAL.

Chuck Swindoll said, “Revival is not so much about what happens in a church; it is about what happens when people repent of their sins and turn by faith alone to Christ alone. Incidentally, I’ve been in settings where such a movement of God’s Spirit was evident. I can testify, it is absolutely phenomenal to witness and to be part of. You can’t stop it, because you didn’t start it. You can’t explain it, because you didn’t manufacture it. You can’t duplicate it, because you didn’t create it. What you are witnessing is the Lord’s hand as He moves through His Spirit in and among His people. The lost are saved, and the saved are revived. Plain and simple, that is what ‘revival’ means – a renewing of spiritual life to those who are spiritually dead and spiritually dull.” 1

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be part of an average church, a normal church, a good church, or even a nice church. I want to be part of a church that shakes the gates of hell off their hinges and brings the glory of Heaven to the hearts and minds of men. 

I want to be part of a church where people are absolutely sold out to God – 100% – lock, stock and barrel. Where commitment is not something that lasts for a week or a month, a few months, or even for a year, but for a lifetime. Where church members are not content just being members, but want to be ministers. Where people love the Lord with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul and with all their strength.

I pray for a church where people really hunger for the Word of God and thirst for righteousness. Where people order their priorities around God and His church instead of leaving Him the leftovers of their lives.

I pray for a church whose byword is “sacrifice” and theme song is “whatever it takes!”

I pray for a church that refuses to be selfish with her salvation, but is passionate in her proclamation of the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

I pray for a church where no need is too great, no price too high, no cost too much, no work too hard, no task too large, no mountain too high and no stone left unturned.

I pray for a church that penetrates the community, permeates society and agitates our enemy. A church that’s obedient to the Word of God, on target with the will of God and on fire for the Son of God.

In short, I’m praying for REVIVAL. Will you pray that with me?

We all need it!

© 2021. Barry L. Cameron

1 Charles R. Swindoll. Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit. W. Publishing Group. Nashville, TN. Pg. 85. 2002.