Vida Nueva Ministries

October 25, 2022

Eli Garcia: Hi Crossroads. My name is Eli, and this is my wife Mandy. And with our three beautiful children we serve here at Vida Nueva Ministries in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

Mandy Garcia: Ever since I was a child, I remember Crossroads supporting Vida Nueva, and I also remember countless mission trips over the years. In fact, my father, Jair Castillo was ordained by your congregation back in 1984.

And while God has done some extraordinary things in the last 35 years....

Eli Garcia: Your support has contributed in Vida Nueva's mission of breaking the cycle of poverty through Christ in so many ways. From open meal programs, uh, being a children's home, running medical clinics, and much, much more. Now, we've blended on two aspects of ministry to move this mission forward, spreading the gospel through church planting and breaking the cycle of Poverty through quality, Christ-centered Education.

Mandy Garcia: Our school, Antonio Medina Gaona, is truly one of a kind. There is plenty of space for children to run and play and grow in a positive environment. We currently have 470 students ranging from preschool through high school, and we are fully accredited by the Mexican government.

With your support, we have a unique opportunity to serve the under-resourced community of El Ejido, Piedras Negras. With quality and affordable education for children to break the cycle of poverty, but primarily we get to share the good news of Jesus Christ, not only with students, but also with their parents through monthly chapel services and connecting them to our latest church plant, New Story Church.

Eli Garcia: This is the other area of ministry that your support allows us to accomplish: church planting. After the first church was, was planted and constructed, uh, we've been able to plant and support eight new churches across Mexico and even one in Kansas City. Uh, we, we truly can't measure the impact that VNM has had over the years.

As new believers become disciples and in turn reach more unbelievers as we play small role in fulfilling the Great Commission. Uh, thank you. Uh, thank you for your support to Vida Nueva and through your prayers and financial contributions, uh, various mission trips and, and for encouraging us and cheerleading us to go make disciples and continue to break the cycle of poverty and the life of so many people in our beloved Mexico.

Both: Gracias.