• Church Birthday

Happy Birthday Crossroads!

Crossroads began November 8, 1970 with a handful of faithful visionaries and Bob Brockus as pastor. The church was originally called Arlington Christian Church. There were approximately 40 people who initially met in Mrs. Sheaffer’s school for nearly 8 years until April 1978. (Bob and Dottie Hughes, one of those first families, are still active members today, faithfully supporting the work they helped start at Crossroads.)

In 1971, Larry Muhr became the church’s second pastor. Groundbreaking for the original building took place December 11, 1977. At that time, there were 29 in Sunday School and 43 in morning worship. In October 1978, Dwaine Westerfield became the church’s third pastor. December 10, 1978, there were 100 in morning worship.

In May of 1981, Dick Rush became the church’s fourth pastor. Construction began September 1984 on a two-story addition. Current missionaries, Jair Castillo and David and Sharon Filbeck, were ordained shortly after.

Barry Cameron became our fifth pastor in August 1992.

To accommodate the growth God has blessed us with, we have been in a perpetual building program since 1992. However, Crossroads has never been and never will be about “sticks and stones.” Our heart is flesh and bones: people. Our passion is to see people’s lives changed forever with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That happens at Crossroads on a daily basis (Acts 2:42-47).

While we are thankful for the history God has blessed us with, our focus is on reaching, training and teaching the future generations!