• Safety Guidelines

Children’s Ministry Safety Guidelines and Protocols for Your Child


Our volunteers and staff are excited to regather with your children. The health and safety of our children and their families is always our highest priority and we have taken additional steps to ensure a fun, spacious, safe, and sanitized environment for your family. While children are in our care, to ensure the best and safest experience possible, we’ve added some enhanced health and safety protocols based on CDC guidelines.

We will be taking temperatures of all of our staff and volunteers serving and leading as well as all children who will be attending. We are also asking everyone serving with our Children’s Ministry and children ages 4th through 6th grade to wear a mask or face covering while worshiping with us in all our children’s areas. 

Classroom sizes and children’s areas have been adjusted to help with social distancing. Children in 1st  through 6th grades will stay in the area where they are dropped off and will not transition to the Theater.

In addition, we also ask everyone to sanitize or wash their hands when coming into the building.

We will not have food or snacks in our children’s classrooms (except bottles for babies). If you believe your child will be hungry, please feed them before they come.

Please take your child to the bathroom before check-in to limit bathroom breaks during services whenever possible.

Drop off and Pick Up:

To further ensure we are following social distancing practices, we ask one family member to drop off and pick up your child. Your designated family members can check in, drop off and pick up your children in the following locations:

Infants through 1 year olds (up to the day before 2nd birthday) – Giggleville

2 and 3 years old – Crossroads Station

Pre-K (4 years old) – Texas Hall

Kindergarten - Children’s Building Upstairs Classrooms (Drop Off)/ Little Theater (Pick Up) 

1st to 3rd Grade – City Hall 

4th to 6th Grade – Gymnasium 

When you arrive in your child’s area, you’ll see clearly designated entrances and exits.

Check-in for your child will happen inside the lobby of your child's areas for nursery and preschool and at the check-in trees in the children’s building for elementary-aged children. We’ve created as close as possible to a contactless check-in experience. To ensure this for you, please download the Crossroads’ Pass before you come. For more information on downloading the pass, click here: my.crossroadschristian.org/myaccount. When you scan your pass, it will automatically bring up your household and you won’t need to touch a keyboard or screen.

Once your birth through pre-K child is checked in, a staff person or team leader will assist you by taking your child to their classroom. Once your elementary child is checked in, a staff person or volunteer team member will direct you to your child’s drop-off location in the children’s building. 

Additional Safety Measures:

If you or your child is sick, has a cough, fever or any potential illness, please stay home and watch online.

We will screen the temperature of all children’s staff, volunteers and children with contactless thermometers. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will be asked to worship at home. If a child should become ill during the service, parents will be contacted immediately and they will be cared for in a separate classroom while waiting for pickup.

Staff and volunteers will wear disposable gloves for changing diapers or taking children to the bathroom.

We thoroughly clean and disinfect everything in our children’s areas before, during and after services. Enhanced procedures include all previous standards of cleanliness and hygiene practices and now include even more frequent hand washing/sanitizing; cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, toys and items in classrooms and children’s areas.

In order to create a safe, sanitized and socially distanced experience for all families while in the children’s building, The Park will be closed on Sundays for the time being.