• Crossroads Sports Safety Guidelines

Crossroads Sports COVID Safety Guidelines and Protocols

 For Crossroads Sports, the health and safety of our children and their families is always our highest priority and we have taken additional steps to ensure a fun, spacious, and safe environment for your family. 

We are implementing the following procedures for the SportCenter soccer fields during practices and games:   

  1. All players, staff and volunteers will be temperature checked before entering the fields.
  2. Sanitation stations will be available throughout the SportCenter complex entrances and soccer fields.
  3. Although masks are not required for families entering the complex, we ask that you respect other families by social distancing at all times and when in close proximity with others beyond your family, please wear your mask.
  4. Players will be required to keep all personal items separate from other players during practice and games including soccer balls, water bottles, backpacks or bags, etc.
  5. Spectator bleachers will be temporarily closed to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Families are asked to bring their own personal chair to sit in for practices and games.
  6. For games, fields will be staged to have players on the end line area in order to allow families to have both sidelines to place personal chairs. For the safety of your child and yourself, please stay at least 10 feet from the playing area.
  7. Coaches must wear a mask at all times whenever they are within six feet of a player at practices or games.
  8. All referees will wear masks during pregame instructions and prayer. They will also wear masks when within six feet of a player during the game.
  9. Players and coaches will be instructed to forgo post-game high fives, handshakes and post-game tunnels from the parents. We will also encourage the players not to have any unnecessary contact outside of the game itself.
  10. Game times will be staged to allow families to leave prior to the arrival of the next group of families.

If you or your child is sick, has a cough, fever or any potential illness, please stay home.