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Our church has been blessed by the ABC’s of Financial Freedom program. Our leadership team is confident that this partnership has led to the health of our body foremost spiritually and then financially. The tools, coaching and encouragement by Barry and his team was incredible! Do this for your church! Follow the simple instructions. Experience the results!

Johnny Scott, Lead Pastor, Generations Christian Church, Trinity, FL.

Barry, on behalf of VRL we want to thank you for taking time to come all the way up to the inland Northwest to help transforms lives for Jesus as it pertains to resources.  What an impact God has used in both your book and your speaking to impact potentially generations of those who follow God’s principles of the ABC’s of financial freedom.  I would highly recommend any church to join in and follow this at your place.  

Dan Shields, Lead Pastor, Valley Real Life, Spokane, Washington

Not only did the ABCs of Financial Freedom impact the lives of families in our church, but many in our community also experienced change thanks to this series. I have continually connected with new families in our town who thank us for offering this program, and our online community has grown because of this as well. Barry Cameron and the ABC’s are an asset to the Kingdom of God! We are a spiritual people in a physical world, and the physical demands finances; but King Jesus is Lord over the physical and the spiritual, offering us freedom through forgiveness of sin and scriptural directives for our financial stewardship.

Matt Wilson, Senior Pastor
Ekklesia Christian Church, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Dear Barry,

Here is a sample of some of the comments I’ve heard from our members from the time you and Doug Crozier shared with us.

“This weekend was simply awesome!”

“Barry Cameron and Doug Crozier were incredible.”

“I am going to start tithing right away.”

“If Barry can do it, I think I can do it.”

“Our family will never be the same.”

“Barry was amazing.”

“I wish I had learned these principles earlier.”

“This is going to change our church.”

“Wow. What a weekend!”

I simply want to say, thank you my dear brother for being a kingdom treasure. God has used you to change our lives through your preaching and through your book The ABC’s of Financial Freedom. Lives will be changed, souls will be reached and DC Regional will grow spiritually and numerically because you came here to Washington, DC.

Daryl Land, Lead Minister, D.C. Regional Christian Church, Suitland, MD


The ABC’s of Financial Freedom has been such a liberating experience for our church. We have struggled for years to obtain a level of transparency and authenticity in the area of finances in our disciple making efforts. As we walked through the process of aligning our leadership team and church family - we have found a freedom to walk with our church into financial health and maturity according to God’s design. We loved having Barry come speak and put the exclamation point on the series - his love for our church and his grace for our struggles and questions was just what we needed. We didn’t just walk through a program, we gained a mentor and guide for financial freedom in the lives of our church! Thank you Crossroads! Thank you Barry!
Richard Shaw, Lead Pastor, Real Life Ministries, Spokane, WA


I want to thank you for investing time into our ministry here at West Valley Christian Church. It is never easy to dedicate five weeks to teaching on finances from the pulpit. However, through the resource "ABC's of Financial Freedom" you have provided a roadmap to making this an easier road to plow. We have been told by Doug Crozier that we are one of the top giving churches per capita in our movement. Therefore, I honestly wondered if this was something our church really needed to do. It has been five months since we wrapped up the series and our offerings are still up approximately 27% from the start of the series. I love that "Stewardship" of all resources is at the heart of "ABC's of Financial Freedom".

Thank you and your team for all you are doing for His kingdom.

Rob Denton, Lead Pastor, West Valley Christian Church, West Hills, CA


We can't thank you enough for sharing the ABC's of Financial Freedom with Mountain View Fellowship. We've tried several different programs over the last ten years with little outcome and whatever impact we experienced was short-lived. I intentionally waited six months to write this endorsement because I wanted to see what the real effects of the ABCs would be on the MVF family. We've experienced some amazing results even though we went through the ABCs in February and were facing several obstacles: the summer months are usually our lowest giving months and MVF is situated in a largely unchurched area which usually requires a lot more discipleship on tithing before new people give.


Over the last six months, our average weekly giving has increased by 48 percent while attendance rose 6 percent during that same timeframe. All of this was due to the solid ABC teachings and workbook curriculum used in our Lifegroups to reinforce the Sunday messages. Any pastor can tell you what a Kingdom game-changer that type of increased giving is within a church. Not only does it point people's hearts to Jesus, but it also affects ministry, expansion, hiring, etc. Thank you for your willingness to share the ABCs with us and invest in the Kingdom work in eastern Colorado. The ABC's of Financial Freedom is freeing people from the bondage of debt and molding people to look more like Christ, and I know has helped (and will continue to help) us reach many more people for the sake of Jesus Christ. Blessings,

Donn Headley, Lead Pastor, Mountain View Fellowship, Strasburg, CO


Thank you for investing in our church. The response we had was incredible. By the way, 2nd biggest offering in our church history this Sunday. We had over 75 new families commit to tithe that were not tithing before. To think that 75 families chose to trust God with their money and change their family’s future is heart warming. Our small group discussions were great as well as the groups that worked through the workbook. The sermons were direct and effective and having you come to cap it all off was perfect. We are so thankful for your work and guidance to Real Life on the Palouse.

Josh Gray, Executive Coach, Real Life Church, Moscow, ID

Hi Barry,
We're doing well, God is blessing and we're excited about this new year. Thank you for your help and your prayers. Here's my endorsement:
The top 4 emotions people feel toward money are; Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Helplessness. The ABC's of Financial Freedom is the answer for all four. Drawing on Biblical principles, the ABC's relieve the anxiety, give real hope, replaces the anger with joy and provides the real help people need. It has made a huge difference in the lives of our people and in the finances of our church. All the resources you need to lead your people to financial freedom are in this powerful program. Use it, it works!

Ken Jensen, Pastor, Northgate Christian Fellowship, Benicia, CA

Every year I preach a multi week series on finances, but I find that unless the sermons are combined with a solid discussion based curriculum, our church experiences little change in giving. The ABCs not only provides curriculum, but a workbook suitable for adults and teens that helps people focus on budgeting, debt relief and generosity. It also offers a plethora of helpful resources for the church staff. Barry Cameron is an excellent story teller and I found many of his stories to be helpful in sermon preparation, as well as the videos and graphics. Most importantly, the majority of households at our church took seriously the challenge to address their debt and put God first in their finances. Out of all our financial series’, The ABCs produced the largest response of first time givers to the church. Our leaders were overwhelmed by the response cards.

Steven Cuss, Pastor, Discovery Christian Church, Broomfield, CO

Through the years, I’ve listened to several sermons on money and giving, but as a young pastor this is the first stewardship series I’ve actually led. I’m thankful we chose to use the ABC’s of of Financial Freedom. The genius of the ABC’s is that it leads people to a biblical concept of stewardship by taking them through a strategic series of steps or better yet, building blocks. It first lays a biblical foundation of God’s sovereignty, then highlights the painful reality of poor money management, and only then moves to God’s plan for financial health through faithful giving. Too many preaching series on money jump right to giving without establishing the proper foundation. It’s the sequence of teaching that makes the ABC’s so effective. And the resources that come with the series, from books to group curriculum to sermon videos, help tie everything together.

Scott Kenworthy, Pastor, Owensboro Christian Church, Owensboro, KY

Hey Barry:
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the ABC’s and your heart for the Kingdom and helping us get this very important stuff. I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first. As the series approached and I read through the materials and process I just struggled to see how a series like this one could fit a “metoo” place like our church. We reach a lot of unchurched, de-churched, once churched, hurt by the church kind of people in a city where there are so many churches that people outside the church are very skeptical of the church. It just felt like a 5 week series would feed in to what many in this city are already thinking…the church is all about the money. There may have been a few who left thinking that, I don’t know. This I do know. I could not have been more wrong with what I was feeling. While I could not imagine how awkward, out of place, and weird the commitment card piece would feel during our service going in, I am so glad that we did it. I am so glad that we did every bit of what you recommended. We had 121 families commit to tithing in writing for the very first time. For perspective, just the month before we had 111 families give anything at all on an average week. In one month we saw a 78% increase in the number of weekly giving units (families) in our church. Our offering jumped 117% in one month. I still cannot believe it. More than all of that you and the ABC’s gave me the courage to address what God has to say about this piece of our lives with our church every year. In the past I would hide one sermon a year on giving in the midst of a series on priorities etc. Not anymore. This is life changing stuff. People are still in groups working through the workbook, sending in commitment cards, and thanking me for this series. Many people who came for the very first time during the series have also thanked me too. One word…Unbelievable! Thank you for everything!

Greg Lindsey, Pastor, Discovery Church Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO

Our church participated in the ABC’s of Financial Freedom and I cannot say enough about what an impact it has had on our church and more importantly to the individual families in our church. We gave out hundreds of copies of Barry’s ABC’s book and people continue to request more copies for their friends. The program is so practical yet so insightful. The biggest and most important thing it accomplished was moving our people from a “mine” mindset to an everything belongs to God mindset. Additionally people began to see what good God could do in their lives and what a blessing they could be for others when they got out from underneath the debt trap that so many have in this world. We were at a crucial period in our church as we were completing a massive building project and striving to take our Kingdom impact to the next level. The ABC’s inspired a new momentum and really has done wonders for our giving. Finally I just want to say while this God-inspired program is wonderful, the people behind the program our wonderful. Barry Cameron is one of the most encouraging, helpful and Kingdom minded people I have ever been around.
In Christ,

Darrel Land, Senior Pastor, Christian Church of Jasper, Jasper, Indiana

Hi Barry and Doug.
We are still celebrating your weekend with us and the climax of the ABCs program. We saw 112 new tithers and 305 continuing (or beyond tithers) who are trusting God in 2015 in faithful giving at Whitewater Crossing. This is the greatest number of new tithers we have ever had! The new ABCs book and program is a game changer and will prove to be the launching pad for a great 2015. Below is an email from a guy that is typical of the ones I have been receiving. Don’t let anybody tell you preaching about giving drives people away. Just the opposite!
Pastor Vaughan-
I just wanted to write you and let you know that in the short time my family and I have been coming to Whitewater, I have enjoyed the messages and yes they have made me squirm a bit in my seat at times, but the squirming wasn’t because I disagreed. I felt the Lord was tapping me on the shoulder and pointing out some areas in my life I needed to work on.
Anyway, I just wanted to take a second and let you know my family and I are very glad we found Whitewater Crossing…it has been a blessing in numerous ways for us. I will pray for Gods guidance for you in the leadership of the church and look forward to the next sermon series. The ABCs series has made a huge impact on my family in such a great and positive way.

David Vaughan, Pastor, Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, Cleves, OH

We did The ABCs of Financial Freedom. The emphasis completely moved from the church’s need or personal need to a matter of Lordship. We realized that the capital campaigns of our past, while useful, actually moved people toward church needs and away from tithing as a biblically taught expression of Lordship. Our church began to understand debt as an obstacle that prevented us from experiencing Lordship creating an environment of rebellion. The ABCs helped us to remove the debt obstacle and replace it with the obedience of tithing. The result? Peace. Our families realized the peace that flows out of the obedience of Lordship. Peace in our priorities, our choices, and our future. We recognized that God has always provided for both our individual needs and our needs as a church; we were just not realizing it because we were not releasing it. We didn’t need another catchy 3-year campaign … we needed to trust God and let Him have HIs way. Our church giving has doubled, our church debt is going away, our baptisms have doubled, and we are experiencing the provision of God around every corner! While our nation is in turmoil over health care, for the first time, our church provides full health care and retirement. I look on the faces of our staff and our members and I see an ever-widening sense of peace living in obedience under the care and provision of our Lord!”

Jerry Harris, Pastor, The Crossing, Quincy, IL

“Our church recently completed a financial series using Barry Cameron’s book entitled, “The ABC’s of Financial Freedom”. We gave out 5,000 copies to our members and also used the book as a basis for small group discussion as well as our sermon series. The result exceeded by far anything we have ever done in trying to raise the level of giving in our church. We had over 1,300 people sign up to tithe for the first time. Our giving increased by 45% in the first month. The most important thing that happened was the way it challenged our people to trust God with their finances and move to a deeper level of commitment. Barry’s message wrapping up the series was icing on the cake and tied the whole series together. The extra resources we are receiving will enable our church to get out of debt quicker and expand our ministry around the world. I would highly recommend this to your church. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to give me a call.”

Don Wilson, Senior Pastor, Christ's Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ

I’ve been a pastor long enough to know that churches are always looking for new and effective ways to challenge their people to deeper levels of discipleship knowing that a deeper commitment not only enriches and blesses their lives, but also benefits the church’s overall mission to reach lost people. The ABCs of Financial Freedom is a resource that does just that. When we went through The ABCs, our people were impacted in a significant way. Not only did our weekly offerings increase by almost 40%, but we developed a greater church-wide understanding that stewardship is Lordship, and the way we handle God’s money reveals a lot about our faith. Because of that I have encouraged pastors all around the country to make The ABCs a part of their preaching plan. God is literally using this resource to change lives, change churches and change the world.

Chris Philbeck, Pastor, Mount Pleasant Christian Church, Greenwood, IN

God’s stewardship principles aren’t complicated. They are as simple as ABC. But simple doesn’t always mean easy. In fact, God’s stewardship principles are proving difficult to live by for most of us in our “debt is normal, saving is an afterthought, and God wants what?!” culture. We need great information, sure. But more than that, we need motivation that leads to transformation and that’s what our church received with Barry Cameron and The ABCs of Financial Freedom . By telling the story of how he applied The ABCs in his own life, Barry motivated the people of our church to take action to get out of debt, build wealth through savings, and give God their best. All of our people were affected by The ABCs . One family in our church said it best. They have drastically improved their financial situation, too: “Those who don’t understand the power of compounding interest, pay it, those who understand the power, earn it!”

Dave Dummitt, Pastor, 242 Community Church, Brighton, MI

“Seven weeks after our ABC’s commitment Sunday, our offerings are averaging 47% above where they were before the ABC’s!! Barry, this has been absolutely huge for us! Thank you…thank you!”

Scott Eynon, Pastor of Community Christian Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Hello Barry,
I did receive your email but I was in Atlanta this past week. Lisa and I greatly enjoyed spending time with you and your wife. I appreciate you more than you know. Hey… I found out that our offering this past week went up to 164,000! That’s about 80% above a year ago! Our offerings the past three weeks have been 142,000, 161,000, 164,000. Wow! It’s exciting to hear our people “getting it!” Thanks for the ABC’s and thanks for being you!
Your bro,

Cal Jernigan, Pastor, Central Christian Church, Mesa, AZ

Hi Barry,
What a great job you did today at West Side for our ABCs series finale. From our leaders to our newest people, we needed and benefited from the challenges in your book and your message. Great stories are emerging from our small groups. Your personal story is inspiring to those of us who haven’t yet buried the debt monster. Sharon and I are talking about how we can speed that day for our family. In my small group this evening, people who have given little thought to storehouse tithing were expressing conviction about it. It is very encouraging to see this. The more I am able to know you, the more I am glad for the opportunity, Barry. I look forward to the years of co-ministry we have together. I’ll let you know when yesterday’s numbers are tallied. God’s best to you and Janis, your family, and Crossroads. You are doing great Kingdom work on several fronts.

Eddie Lowen, Pastor of Westside Christian Church, Springfield, IL

We just completed the ABC’s of Financial Freedom. We conducted the series in the smack dab middle of spring break. In spite of that we have experienced revival. People are hungry for the Word and for the forth right preaching about Biblical principles for finances and freedom from debt. We challenged our people to make tithing the center piece for their financial future. We have had over 400 people/families make commitments…many of them “first time tithers.” We have a huge budget for a church of 1,000, needing $40,000 every week in offerings. First Sunday after ABC’s our offering hit $54,000!! IN ADDITION we baptized a 40 year old man who had been attending for four years. He read the ABC’s book and on page 77 it talks about giving your heart to Jesus and being baptized…and he did it!! Our elders have also decided to place the Chest of Joash in the lobby at NorthEast to collect “love offerings” to pay down our $10,000,000 debt! Barry, we could not be more pleased. Many people said, including Wayne B. Smith, that the concluding sermon you preached at NorthEast was one of the greatest they had ever heard! Thanks for letting God use you in a powerful way. Lives, homes, marriages, businesses and churches are being changed!!

Wally Rendel, Former Interim Minister, NorthEast CC, Lexington, KY

Prior to the ABC’s at Kingsway Christian Church:
From the Kingsway Christian Church newsletter ...
“The response to The ABC’s of Financial Freedom has also been tremendous. Literally dozens of people have affirmed how valuable this study has been to them; and for many, it has already been life-changing. I believe we will see families delivered from the bondage of debt, marriages healed because of the removal of financial stress, and God’s work prospered by the increased giving of God’s people. I’m also pleased to tell you the author of The ABC’s of Financial Freedom will be our special speaker on May 3 and 4. Barry Cameron is the Senior Pastor of Crossroads Christian Church in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. He is a graduate of Ozark Christian College and has been a friend of mine and of our ministry for many years. Jan and I were present when they dedicated their beautiful 145-campus and church building. More than 4,000 people call Crossroads their church home. He is an outstanding preacher; and you will be challenged.”
After the ABC’s at Kingsway Christian Church:
From the Kingsway Christian Church newsletter ...
“There have been few instances when the response to the teaching of the Word has been more dramatic than your response as a congregation to The ABC’s of Financial Freedom. I’ve received testimony after testimony of dramatic changes in lifestyle and family finances. Many of those testimonies made mention of decisions to practice Biblical stewardship by faith rather than sight. The results of those decisions have been obvious to all who follow our offering totals reported in The Podium each week. Previous to The ABC’s we had averaged approximately $78,000 per week for the fiscal year (beginning July of 2007). Since The ABC’s, giving has risen dramatically to approximately $100,000 per week with some weeks well over that amount. As your Pastor I have always been quick to point out where we as a congregation have fallen short. I must take this opportunity to praise you for a marvelous, positive, Christ-honoring response in this area of stewardship.”

John Caldwell, Former Sr. Pastor, Kingsway Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN

I must tell you that nothing we’ve done in my time here has impacted our people quite like The ABC’s to Financial Freedom. I don’t know of anything in my ministry experience that helps people jump out in faith and begin trusting God like the challenge of ABC’s. Our people are seeking God and looking for his activity in their lives like never before – and they’re experiencing his faithfulness. It is truly life changing and as a pastor it is a joy to watch. The ABC’s experience has fundamentally changed our church – and not just financially. It has changed the heart of our church and has deepened the faith of our people. And by the way, we had a record attendance on a three-day weekend the Sunday we launched the ABC’s series – and those record attendances continued throughout the series. People are hungry for Biblical teaching on personal finances. Thank you for your encouragement and support along the way and for your friendship going forward.

James Brummett, Lead Pastor, Journey Christian Church, Midlothian, Virginia

Lakeshore Christian Church in Antioch(Nashville), TN, recently finished the series “The ABC’s of Financial Freedom.” The results have been amazing. Our giving increased 40% with a 60% increase in the number of people giving. Many of those new givers made the commitment to begin tithing for the first time while others made the commitment to begin giving above the tithe. With the downturn in the economy affecting so many in our church family, those statistics are amazing. The thing that is even more impressive to me is the number of people who have decided to get out of debt and stay out of debt. The decisions to tithe and to get out of debt will bless our people and our church for generations to come. I highly recommend the ABC’s to every church in America and around the world. This is the time the church needs to step up to the challenge of teaching our people God’s plan for their finances and this program is the best I have seen.

Randy Cordell, Senior Pastor, Lakeshore Christian Church, Nashville TN

“I want to give my full endorsement for your church to participate in the ABC’s program with Barry Cameron. Our church went through the ABC’s at a great time for us. We were in a new building and with the added expenses things were very tight financially. When we went through the ABC’s, our people got it. People committed to tithe, began to work to get out of debt, and there was genuine excitement about honoring God with their finances. Our church giving increased by around 50% almost instantly, and two years later I continue to hear stories about people who are excited about what God is doing in their lives as they follow His plan for their finances; and the finances of the church continue to be blessed. This study, along with Barry’s personal testimony, will absolutely change your church.”

Todd Hudson, Former Senior Pastor, Southeast Christian Church Parker, CO

The response has been phenomenal. Rather than hearing criticism from our congregation, the overwhelming response has been “Thank you.” Instead of being embarrassed their church was talking openly about money, our people were glad and relieved that the subject was being addressed in such a biblical and logical way. Hundreds of households including singles, couples, young, old and middle age found help and resolve. They signed commitment cards to begin tithing or go beyond the tithe in their regular giving. A level of consciousness was raised about being a disciple in many regards, especially in the area of disciplined finances. Rather than chasing away visitors or members we experienced record attendance in worship for the month. We broke attendance records in the children and youth areas as well. The highest numerical participation ever was attained in our weekly HOME Groups. Even visitors made commitments to begin tithing to their local congregations and bought extra copies of the books to hand out to family and friends. We have lots of folks at TMC that have little or no church background. The response of these newly churched was huge. Those who are already strong givers were elated that this subject was so openly addressed. They know the provision of God and want others to find it. Members of our church family have called me with tears of joy giving testimonies how God immediately blessed them for stepping out in faith as a tither. Marriages are being restored and strengthened as couples “get on the same page” about money. After I preached four sermons on the subject, Barry Cameron came to TMC the next Sunday. Barry had a huge impact resonating extremely well. This was the “icing on the cake.” Barry’s testimony gave hope, as well as summarizing our congregation’s spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend scheduling Barry and the ABC’s as a resource to grow disciples and increase faith in your church family.

Steve Moore, Senior Pastor, Ten Mile Christian Church

“This is a breakthrough book! The ABC’s of Financial Freedom has helped thousands of Christians break through the financial strongholds of debt and fear-of-tithing, and has also helped their churches break through to new levels of ministry and strength. This is a truly revolutionary book – read it and get ready for breakthroughs in your own life, finances and impact for God’s kingdom!”

Rick Stedman, Former Senior Pastor, Adventure Christian Church Roseville, CA

We are not shy about preaching about finances, tithing and giving here at Carterville. So, we have been thinking about doing the ABC’s of Financial Freedom for quite sometime. After talking with Barry & Doug many times about it, we finally pulled the trigger and WOW! THE ABC’S have made a huge impact on Carterville Christian Church. We are a church filled with people struggling with financial indebtedness and thus believing it almost impossible to tithe or give with enthusiasm or sacrifice. But with the straightforward curriculum, (that is so easy to use) the workbook that discusses the simple principles of God purpose for our finances and the opportunities to discuss and talk about God’s love for us all, C3 had a great experience with the ABC’s. We picked up 68 new families/individuals that committed to begin tithing to the church. Our offerings have gone up any where from $5,000 to $10,000 each week and the personal testimonies of people learning to discipline themselves and also learn to be generous with their finances has been incredible. And also, what a great way to end the weekend with Barry, Doug and Lynn with us to celebrate, pray and challenge C3 with finding financial freedom.

Robin Sigars, Pastor, Carterville Christian Church, Joplin, MO

Have you ever put something off that many people recommended for you to do, then eventually decided to trust their advice and kicked yourself for not acting sooner? That is me with the ABC’s! I wish I would have done the ABC’s ten years ago (that’s how stubborn I am!) It works! It works for people new to faith (yep ... in fact ... in our church it worked best with those new to faith) and it works for those who are more mature. No surprise. It’s the Bible and the Bible always works!
Don’t wait 10 years! Do it NOW! And do it again every year!

Nate Ferguson, Pastor, The Village Christian Church, Minooka, IL

Barry and Doug,
I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your weekend with us and for your heart for Twin Oaks and other churches around the world. I keep hearing great things about Sunday’s message and about you two. Sunday’s offering was the best in ages and the past two months are probably the best average giving ever at TOCC (excluding special offerings). I’m already beginning to implement your suggestions on how to keep that giving up and eliminate our debt early. God has used you both in our church and I just wanted to thank you again. I look forward to seeing you in TX in a few weeks.
God bless,

Randy Wheeler, Pastor, Twin Oaks Christian Church, Woodhaven, MI

The great thing about the ABC’s is that it gets straight to the point. It helps individuals understand where their financial problems stem from and gives practical, biblical direction to over come them. I can not recommend ABC’s enough, it takes the guess work out of stewardship teaching and makes it possible to feel confident in the outcome. If you desire to take your ministry to the next level of commitment, you simply must get your hands on The ABC’s of Financial Freedom.

Samson Dunn, Lead Pastor, Catalyst Church, Phoenix, AZ

I have preached on finances pretty consistently for at least the past decade. Our people had heard everything, or so I thought. We did the ABCs of Financial Freedom, and I keep hearing similar comments that I had not heard before: “Everything came together in this series!” or “Now, it all makes sense!” And it does! The ABCs puts it all together. And when you have Barry’s book, and you read about the hard work that someone would go through to honor God, not just with 10% but with 100% of God’s blessings, it helps people to realize: Honoring God with what we have is about more than what we put in the offering. It’s a lifestyle. And it really does lead to a life of freedom! Certainly, the series will help our church family, but more than that, it is helping the families in our church!

Tim Liston, Pastor, New Hope Church, Manvel, TX

Words cannot describe the difference that the ABC’s of Financial Freedom have made to our church. The impact it has had on permanently changing the mindset and ideologies of our church people has been unprecedented. Seeing hundreds of families commit to tithing in one weekend was truly eternity altering for each of their relationship’s with the Lord. Second, our church is different because of the ABC’s. For the first time in 13 years, our church is finally able to look across to the next mountaintop and build a financial strategy that allows us to reach our full potential. Finally, the ABC’s has given us a vocabulary and context that will forever change the way we teach on money in our church. Thank you Barry Cameron for being faithful to deliver God’s Word on money to a new generation.

Matt Keller, Lead Pastor, Next Level Church, Ft. Myers, FL

Dear Barry,
I want to thank you for the impact the “ABCs of Financial Freedom” has had upon our church! Being challenged with Biblical stewardship, our attitudes toward money have vastly improving, we are aggressively attacking the bondage of debt, and we are striving to live beneath our means. Also, we are paying our tithes and giving our offerings as the Scripture teaches! The net result is that God is being honored in our finances, and our church’s income has dramatically increased (up nearly 50% since the start of the program)! PRAISE GOD we now have the resources to reach more people for Christ!
I know that churches often pay financial consultants tens of thousands of dollars to help fund future ministry initiatives. If we would simply teach biblical finance, however, such fund-raising campaigns would be unnecessary. Thank you for for helping me teach biblical finance! Thank you for coaching me through the process! And thank you for closing the series in person! You have been a blessing and an inspiration to our church community.
God bless you!

Matt Summers, Lead Planter, Crossroads Christian Church, Joliet, IL

There simply are not words to describe how beyond grateful I am to have been able to use your books, ABC’s! It has forever changed the trajectory of our church! We will never be the same. Please accept this gift as a small token of our appreciation for what you have imparted. Wow! No Words!

Matt Keller, Lead Pastor, Next Level Church, Ft. Myers, FL

Since the last printing of “The ABC’s of Financial Freedom” we have used the book at Crossroads. I can speak with authority and in the first person about the dynamic impact it can have on the stewardship of a body of believers. After reading the text and a series of messages on the Biblical perspectives of giving, saving and spending money, a full third [1031 individuals/families] of our regular weekend worship attendance made commitments to give at the level of a tithe or above. 372 of these were first time commitments to tithe. Our offerings have doubled from what they were a year ago at this time. And, amazingly, this stewardship emphasis took place in the middle of the worst economic downturn in our nation’s history!”

Ken Idleman, Senior Pastor, Crossroads Christian Church, Newburgh, IN

The impact Barry had on our church will be felt for generations to come. He is clear, charismatic and compelling; but most importantly, he is biblical! The ABC’s weekend catalyzed both gratitude and opportunity. Rather than reminding us of another difficult obligation, Barry opened our eyes to God’s desire to partner with us and empower us to both be blessed and be a blessing to the world. I highly recommend that you invite Barry for a life-changing weekend of discovery concerning the transformational power of godly stewardship. You will not be disappointed!”

Jeff Vines, Pastor, Christ's Church of the Valley, San Dimas, CA

“Barry L. Cameron is respected as an extraordinary church builder and preacher. This book is a testimony to his giftedness as a writer. Barry is a cowboy that has been on the ranch. He’s been there and done that. It is written in a language easily understood. He gives a clear picture of his personal struggles and a straightforward explanation of what God says about money and our use of it. I’m certain Barry will be on the hit list of the credit card industry. However, I believe he will be fondly remembered as a no-holds-barred writer who encouraged us to be honest with God and ourselves. If and when this happens, we can joyfully say, ‘Free at last, free at last, praise God, I’m free at last.’”

Wayne B. Smith, founding Pastor, Southland Christian Church, Lexington, KY

“It always amazes me that after challenging our people constantly to trust and depend upon God, they so quickly place blame for a lack of giving in the church on leadership. Barry Cameron’s ABCs of Financial Freedom material was an answer to many of my late night prayers. The material reinforced the fact that the church today is not struggling with a lack of resources. It is struggling with a lack of obedience and faithfulness. We were amazed at both the immediate jump in our giving, as well as how the high level of giving was sustained.”

Tim Winters, Executive Pastor, Shepherd of the Hills Christian Church, Porter Ranch, CA

Barry, I wanted to be the first to say “thank you”. People are still talking to me about how much they appreciated your preaching. As I experienced it personally, I kept saying to myself, “This is masterful!” I praise God for you, your ministry and your tremendous impact on the Kingdom through the ABC’s. Again, I feel so honored to have you as a friend. I have learned so much from you. I am in your debt for how you’ve helped my ministry here. You are directly responsible for whatever good results come our way via stewardship.
You’re awesome,

David Clark, Pastor of Central Christian Church, Beloit, WI

“The Friday night gathering was a big highlight of the weekend. People felt excited to meet and hear Barry and Doug in a smaller setting. It allowed Barry to talk more in-depth about the ABC’s and share more of his heart and wisdom. Barry and Doug make a great team. They really compliment each other. Doug gives an excellent presentation about CDF. The opportunity for extended Q&A with Barry and Doug was huge too. People opened up and asked great questions. Barry and Doug gave very helpful, enlightening responses. I would definitely recommend the Friday night gathering. It was a big win for us.
It’s been almost two weeks since our ABC’s weekend and we are still buzzing about it. The response has been great. We’re still receiving tithing commitment cards. God moved big time through our church during this series. This series has impacted and inspired our people more than any financial series we have done in the past. It’s been a spiritual highlight in our 13 year history. I would highly recommend it for any church. Every aspect of it exceeded my expectations. I‘m grateful that a couple pastor friends recommended it to me.”

Ben Davis, Senior Pastor, RiverGlen Christian Church Waukesha, WI

“My friend, Barry Cameron, is a wonderful communicator and practitioner of biblically-based financial counsel. He knows the way, goes the way, and in this helpful book, shows the way to financial freedom. Many people in our congregation have experienced authentic money makeovers because they have put into practice the wisdom outlined in Barry’s book. Of course, Barry would be the first to say that everything good he has to share about money comes from the Book. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Barry teach in person on this subject, don’t miss it. Do what you need to do get there. Until then, read this book and begin dreaming of what it feels like to have no debt outstanding except the continuing debt of love. Imagine being able to be generous on every occasion. It can happen. It did to Barry. It has for many that have taken seriously what Barry advocates in these pages. It can for you, too.”

John Hampton, Senior Pastor, Journey Christian Church, Apopka FL

Our church went through The ABC’s series in early 2013. We had dozens of families commit to debt-free living and to tithing for the first time. Our weekly offerings have stayed significantly higher ever since. Now when we speak each week of ‘tithes and offerings,’ everyone knows what we mean. We also give away The ABCs of Financial Freedom to every new member so all members will continue to be on the same page in our pursuit of debt-free living and stewardship of God’s resources. I highly recommend The ABCs of Financial Freedom."

Rusty Russell, Lead Pastor, New Day Christian Church, Port Charlotte, FL

“Barry, Thanks for making time to come see beautiful Southern California! We really enjoyed your visit and these past 5 weeks have been incredible for RLC. Our leadership continues to say how this series (The ABC’s) has truly been one of the greatest series in the history of Real Life Church. We have such a young church here in Santa Clarita, our people are not well educated on Biblical perspectives of money as much as they are educated on worldly perspectives. We hope and pray God continues to work in our families lives through what you have taught and what we will continue to re-enforce over the months/years to come. Thanks for making “The Storehouse” (our local church) the focus, and not your materials or books. We really appreciate you doing what God has so clearly called you to do!”

Jeremy Vanderlinden, Former Executive Pastor, Real Life Church, Santa Clarita, CA

“Westbrook has just recently completed the teaching phase of the ABC’s series and enjoyed an exciting weekend with Barry. To say that we are thrilled with the results would be an understatement. Our Small Groups are now doing the follow up workbook and not only are our people being blessed but Westbrook has seen our weekly offerings increase 23%. Even in these very harsh and concerning economic times our people are putting their faith in the one who holds this world together. It’s difficult to put into words, but I just sensed a special anointing on this series and on this book. I feel confident that we will look back on this season in the life of our church as a season that was God ordained and blessed. Thanks Barry for the ABC’s and sharing your heart with Westbrook."

Mont Mitchell, Senior Pastor, Westbrook Christian Church, Bolingbrook, IL

The ABC’s of Financial Freedom is perhaps the very best financial and life study a church could ever do! It was perfect for us! What makes the ABC’s special? It combines the best of God’s Word, practical financial helps, and principles to live by which place us where God can bless that which applies to our finances and beyond to all of life.
We followed the program as Barry and his team advised. We were totally blessed by an increase of giving throughout the series, and many committed to start tithing! We bought what we considered was more than enough books to give out … had to reorder 5 different times! We launched a number of new Core Groups (home studies) and asked our existing Core Groups to do the workbook. We have had many emails, calls, people thanking us for doing the series, and real life stories emerge as our church family has begun to embrace the ABC’s of Financial Freedom.

Greg Johnson, Pastor, Generations Christian Church, Trinity FL

“This book can change your life and it will change your church! Barry Cameron’s direct approach not only helped people in our church connect the dots regarding the Bible’s teaching on godly stewardship but it also gave them hope that financial freedom is possible. Long-time and brand new believers alike continue to express their enthusiasm for the Biblical principles that the ABC’s of Financial Freedom helped them unpack in their lives. And many are backing up that enthusiasm with first-time commitments to tithing and debt-free living!”

Greg Marksberry, Senior Pastor, First Church, Walton KY

“When our church began The ABC’s of Financial Freedom I was more than a little bit skeptical. I heard stories about how God was using this program to reinvigorate the financial health of churches across the country, but I was sure it couldn’t happen in the East. I was shocked at what God did through this series. If you are serious about raising up Christ followers who will tithe for the long haul, you must take advantage of this program.”

Brian Jones, Senior Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley Royersford, PA

Pastor Barry:
Thank you for allowing Matt to come and do an ABC’s weekend with us. He is a wonderful man of God, and it was a blessing to spend time with him. I also want to thank you for what God is doing through the ABC’s. I am so glad we did it. God really moved in a powerful way. We are a different church because of it. Thanks again for all you do.
God bless,

Mark Weigt, Lead Pastor Ridge Community Church, New Berlin, Wisconsin

Barry — hey it is Sunday evening and I am sitting in my back yard by the fire just finishing up this great ABC weekend — I know I mentioned to you as you left how thankful I am for you but I just wanted to say again — thank you.
I am so grateful for your partnership and friendship.
I want you to know that I am one of your biggest fans and supportive of you both publicly and privately — I am so glad God has placed you in my life.
This series has really grown our church and it has grown me in many unique and unexpected ways.
Barry I hope you feel good about the weekend and what God spoke through you — I had many great conversations and MANY hundreds of our people have been challenged and infected by this series and this ABC weekend. I look forward to many more years of us partnering together for Christ’s sake! Discovery is a new church with a VERY old story and we are fired up to tell it in the most creative — God honoring — infectious way we can. Thanks for being part of our journey — and thanks for believing in the staff and people at Discovery who chase hard after God! Have a safe trip home and where ever your travels might lead you this week.
Love your family and keep your vision vertical,

Todd Clark, Former Pastor, Discovery Church, Simi Valley, CA

I can’t tell you thanks enough for all that you have done for RLC! The book, the workbook, the handouts, and of course this past weekend have all played such a vital key into the success of Real Life.And thanks for the heart in which you lead this weekend. You were so helpful and pastoral while being very straightforward. Our people are still buzzing about it. The ABC’s of Financial Freedom has been a high water mark for our church in not just giving, but in spiritual maturity. Your book and teachings taught our church how to give generously to God without without crossing over the line into prosperity gospel or retreating into partial obedience. You will not regret using this program…we plan on using it every year! Let me know if there is anything we can do to further support or champion the ABC’s!
God bless,

Rusty George, Pastor Real Life Christian Church, Santa Clarita, CA

“For obvious reasons, all church leaders are apprehensive when it comes to talking about finances. We don’t want to offend the new people, and we just don’t like the subject. But Jesus said that our hearts were tied to our treasure. The ABC’s of Financial Freedom is very helpful financial information, but the most important benefit is heart health. If you are afraid of teaching this, you are afraid of teaching “everything Jesus commanded us.” it’s that simple. If you are wondering how Barry might go over in a different setting, let me tell you that he was very well received in Chicago with 60% former Catholics, so I think he’ll be fine for you. Barry has a great heart and a great deal of passion for this subject and his material is solid. I recommend the ABC’s to anyone who wants to help their people and the kingdom grow.”

Tim Harlow, Parkview Christian Church Tinley Park. IL


We can’t thank you enough! We were very privileged to have the ABC’s at LCC. At first, the challenge of extensive financial teaching was a bit intimidating. Once we took our leadership and staff through the material it was a no-brainer that God was opening up an opportunity for us to offer freedom in an area that causes so many problems for people beyond the bottom line. The relational stress and anxiety of trying to handle money in a humanistic way has led to so many issues that in ministry we deal with everyday – divorce, domestic violence, abuse, addiction…just to name a few. Going through the ABC’s as a congregation has been such a healing process for us on so many levels.

As a result not only did our general offerings increase by 23% immediately, our online giving doubled as well. But most importantly lives changed. Doing life God’s way is always best! The first command God gave to His people was to not put any other gods before him. Far too long we have neglected this principle when it comes to money and debt! The result is, we have allowed the world to set the pace for believers rather than believers fulfilling the “Great Commission”. The ABC’s gave us all a humble look into the mirror of conviction that brought us to the realization that if we are going to impact our community for Christ we must first allow Christ’s teachings to impact us! Thank you Barry, thank you Doug – words cannot express our gratitude for your service!

Sammy Harris, Pastor, Leesburg Christian Church, Cynthiana, KY



“You can count on one thing when you do the "ABC's of Financial Freedom" at your church, and that is that you will disturb the equilibrium. I have had more follow up conversations with people struggling through different concepts from the book, from the series, and from Barry's sermon. The ABC's challenges everyone's preconceived notions of budgeting, debt, stewardship, and giving. It creates lots of opportunities for good, tough, yet necessary conversations that tend to be shied away from. It is a great way to teach on typically sensitive topics from a Biblical framework.”

Sy Huffer, Lead Pastor, College Heights Christian Church, Joplin, MO


The ABCs of Financial Freedom has been instrumental in helping thousands of people and churches all across America turn their financial situations around. Discover the principles that will show you how to get out from under the burden and bondage of debt and enable you to declare your financial independence.

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