• How to tell Your Story


Today people want and need to hear good news more than ever before! As the Church, we have the BEST news available - and NOW is a great time for us to share it!

This is a simple idea and something we can all be part of. Jesus has the power to change lives! And we want you to share the story of how He has changed your life! We encourage you to tell your story on video (three minutes or less) and upload it to social media with the hashtag #jesuschangedmylife

What hope we can offer when we fill social media with stories of the life change that has happened because of JESUS.

Here’s a quick explanation to help:

You can tell your story in three simple steps:

1. My Life Before Jesus

What was your life like before Jesus? Maybe you experienced some bad things that caused heartache and pain. Or maybe you were aware of your sin and the need for forgiveness at a young age. 

2. How I Met Jesus 

Maybe you met Jesus through a friend or at an event, share how Jesus showed up in your life.

3. Who I Am Now

How has your life changed since you met Jesus? Share what’s changed.

Tips on How to Record Good Videos on your phone:

Video Recording Guide 

A Sample Story … 

My life before Jesus … 

Growing up, I saw Jesus as an addition to my squad. Life wasn’t about God, life was about girls. 

I was driven by my need to be seen as somebody special. This led to a pursuit of excellence in athletics, music ... (or you fill in the blank) as I did anything I could to be accepted. I already felt exhausted and felt empty. 

How I met Jesus…
Then a friend invited me to a concert where I heard someone talk about a real relationship with Jesus. Not some divine hype man, but the King of all things who gave up Heaven to come to earth and give His life to save mine. The Jesus who died, but rose from the grave and offers new life to all who follow Him. 

Who I am now …

I’m not saying following Jesus has made life “all good all the time.” But every day He shows me I am not defined by my failures or successes, but by His love and who He says I am.