MICHAEL & MINDI WINAKUR (Cross Culture Church/New church plant)

Denver, CO

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Dearborn, MI

The young family shown to the left are two homegrown Crossroads missionaries that met and married in our College Ministry. After graduation and marriage, they began training in the U.S. to reach Muslims and followed that with almost two years overseas, most of which was in the Middle East serving with Team Expansion in Madaba, Jordan. Their days in Jordan were filled with training in Arabic, spending time with the locals, supporting Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and praying for opportunities to share the Gospel. Now, they have moved back to the US to help reach one of the largest Muslim communities here in America. We have withheld their names on our website because they have learned that while Muslims are open to hearing about Jesus, the term “missionary” has become stigmatized and creates a barrier for them. You can get involved in daily prayer for this incredible outreach effort by going to Pray4Dearborn.com and signing up for daily emails.

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BECKY HYDE (Metroplex Women’s Clinic)

Arlington, TX

Becky serves as CEO of the Metroplex Women’s Clinic. She has served the center for over 20 years and been on the front lines in helping young women choose life and choose Jesus. MWC provides vital services in four locations in Arlington and Mansfield free of charge. This includes: pregnancy tests, confidential counseling, referrals, limited ultrasounds, and more. The client coordinators are also trained to help meet the spiritual needs of the clients.

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Andy Hansen (Christ in Youth)

Joplin, MO

Andy serves as President of CIY. They provide more than 100 annual events for tens of thousands of students and leaders across the USA and in 10 foreign countries. CIY believes God has uniquely and specifically equipped every student for Kingdom work. In response to His call, students actively serve in the harvest fields of their families, schools, churches and communities — not someday — but TODAY. Within the next decade, more than one million students and leaders will have been impacted worldwide through CIY.

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JASON & JARED CARLSON (Christian Ministries International)

Eden Prairie, MN

Following in the footsteps of their father, a very dear friend and longtime missionary of our church, Dr. Ron Carlson, Jason and Jared now lead Christian Ministries International. Ron was recognized as the leading expert on the cults and non-Christian religions of the world up until his death. He founded CMI in 1975 to equip Christians and churches to contend for the faith (Jude 3) and to reach those caught up in false cults, religions and philosophies. Jason and Jared speak all over the world, carrying on the legacy of their father. They hold seminars in churches throughout North America and also work with mission organizations around the globe, training national pastors and missionaries to effectively respond to the cults and religions active on the mission fields of the world.

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DAVID & SHARON FILBECK (Christian Mission to the Orient)

Chiang Mai, Thailand

David and his wife, Sharon, have been raising up Christian leaders in Thailand for the past 25 years to plant churches, lead existing churches and provide Bible-centered lay people in the community. They are continuing a mission to the Orient begun by David’s parents, David and Delores Filbeck, in 1960. Christian Mission to the Orient has established Lanna Theological Center to provide Christ-centered men and women the values, knowledge and skills required to impact Southeast Asia for Christ.

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Kansas, Oklahoma

Heath Hostetler serves as Executive Director at Cookson Hills. Cookson Hills is a home, school, and therapy haven for children who are at-risk. For many kids, Cookson Hills is their childhood home. For others it’s a temporary home for about two years. All kids come to Cookson Hills to live within a family. They enroll in school, they play sports, they make friends, they help set the table, they laugh, they ride horses, they heal, and (we hope) they leave better than they came.
It’s not fool-proof. It’s difficult. And, it’s worth it.

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AVI MIZRACHI (Dugit Messianic Center)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Avraham “Avi” Mizrachi, serves as the Executive Director of Dugit Messianic Outreach Center and Pastor of Adonai Roi Congregation. He was born in Tel Aviv to a Jewish family. In 1984, after serving in the Israeli Air Force, he traveled to America where he met Jesus as Savior and Lord. Avi and his wife, Chaya, returned to Israel in 1987 and soon began the Dugit Messianic Center. Dugit is located in the heart of Tel Aviv and functions as a base for ministry, outreach efforts into the city, and a place for believers to gather for fellowship. They offer a free cup of coffee to Israelies who will stop and listen to the Good News. They also host groups from all over the world that take to the streets to share the Gospel.

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Gallatin, TN

Dennis serves as founder and CEO of The KORE Foundation. The Foundation’s “business as ministry” initiatives demonstrate the love of Christ by focusing on steps “beyond relief”, implementing projects that impact immediate needs and empower future generations. KORE offers the Christian poor of Haiti a foothold away from chronic poverty toward a life of self-reliance. KORE partners with FISH Ministries to provide long-term solutions to basic human needs, along with business training and funding.

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MAT & ANITA STAVER (Liberty Counsel)

Orlando, Florida

Mat and Anita Staver formed Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family in 1989. They strive to preserve religious liberty and help create and maintain a society where everyone has the opportunity to hear and share the Gospel. Liberty Counsel provides pro bono legal assistance in the areas of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family.

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Eli & Mandy Garcia

ELI & MANDY GARCIA (Vida Nueva Ministries)

Piedras Negras, Mexico

Eli and Mandy Garcia represent next generation leadership for this long-time Crossroads mission.  Vida Nueva was begun by Jair and Norma Castillo, who were sent out by Crossroads back in the 1980s and Mandy is their daughter.  This transformational ministry began in Piedras Negras, Mexico, and now has ongoing ministries in Acapulco and Tepic.
 Vida Nueva has numerous ministries including food distribution, healthcare, childcare, education, worship, recreation, vocational skills training, church planting and church leadership training programs. All of these programs help connect people with Christ, Who alone can bring hope and freedom from the vicious cycle of poverty and spiritual emptiness.

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MIKE & KAROLYN SCHRAGE (Good News Productions, International)

Joplin, Missouri

Executive Director Mike Schrage and wife, Karolyn, are lifelong missionaries. They began serving in Western Kenya in 1984 using their study in Bible, agriculture, and nursing to initiate a church-planting effort. By 1994, 7,000 people had been baptized and 130 congregations started. In 1994, Mike helped establish the regional center for Good News Productions, International in Nairobi, Kenya. In June of 2003 (after 20 years in Kenya), Mike and his family relocated to Joplin, Missouri where Mike began serving as Director for sub-Sahara Africa with GNPI. In October of 2011, Mike became the Executive Director for Good News Productions, International. Their passion is to help accelerate global evangelism through media. They partner with mission organizations all over the world helping them reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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BRAD & TAMMIE HARVEY (Heart for Central Africa)

Dodoma, Tanzania

Brad and Tammy Harvey attended Crossroads back in the 1980’s when they came to be trained at Pioneer Bible Translators in Dallas. They have served in France, Cameroon West Africa, Zaire, and Tanzania. Pioneer Bible Translators believes the most important thing we can do for people is to give them God’s word in their own language. The east coast of Africa is home to over 28 million people with over 130 different languages. Less than half of these people have the Bible translated in their own language. With Brad & Tammie Harvey’s training and experience as linguists, they conceived and initiated a relatively new concept known as the “Cluster Approach” to in-the-field work of scripture translation. Consequently, simultaneous translation (up to 10 languages) are proceeding without sacrifice in quality!

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KEN HAM (Answers in Genesis)

Petersburg, KY

Ken Ham is the founder of Answers in Genesis, a ministry dedicated to equip Christians to defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. They particularly focus on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis. They also train others to develop a biblical worldview, while exposing the fallacy of evolutionary theory that is too often presented as settled fact. Answers in Genesis has a prolific website with something for everyone in the family. In the Cincinnati area, they have constructed a full-size replica of Noah’s Ark and also operate a Creation Museum to educate and inspire people to trust the truth of the Scriptures. The first four words of Genesis are “In the beginning God…” It has been said that if you believe those first four words, believing the rest of Scripture comes easily, but if you do not, the rest of the Scripture is a real struggle.

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