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Whenever you went to our website to register for an event, join a Connect Group, check your giving history, serve or manage your member profile, you would login to a church relationship system called InFellowship. We’ve used that system for many years and it served us well for awhile, but now we’ve outgrown it and have moved to a new, better system.

We’re excited to officially announce our transition to the Rock, our new Church Relationship Management System. We think you’ll love the simplified experience and new features this system will make available.

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible and get you set up in the new system, we will need a few things from you. Please continue to read through the important steps below to get set up.

1) Set up Your Account
Everyone will need to create a new account* in the Rock system to access your member profile, giving history, update contact information and preferences and to register for events, etc. *We request that you use the same primary email address you used previously with InFellowship. This will allow all of your previous information to transfer over seamlessly. If you forgot what it was, let us know!

Set up your Rock account

Once you’ve set up your new account, please update your profile picture and verify your contact information to make sure everything is correct. Now, whenever you want to register for an event, join a Connect Group, sign up to serve, give and more, you can do it all through your Rock account.

2) Access Your Giving History
Once you set up your Rock account, your full giving history will be available*, including tithes and offerings given prior to the switch to the Rock.
*Your giving history will appear after you’ve created your new account with The Rock using the same email address as your InFellowship account.

Access Giving History

3) Giving online
When giving online, you now have a couple of options: You can use your Rock account, PushPay, which is a service we use that connects with your Rock account or you can set up ACH bill pay transfers from your bank account.  These options are explained in more detail on our giving page.


What if I used a different email address than the one used on my old InFellowship account?

You can set the account username to whatever username you prefer, or you can use your email address like you did in InFellowship. The key piece is making sure your email and other information match what we have on file. If what we have is not up-to-date with your current information, a new record will be created. Feel free to contact us and let us know it didn't link to your primary account and we will verify the information on our end and if needed, we may call you to verify some information as well.

None of my previous information or giving history is in the Rock once I created the account. What happened?

The information that was provided may not have matched what we have on file--we may just have outdated information. If this is the case a new record was created. Feel free to contact us and after verifying some information we can merge the new record to your primary account.

If it did link and you are missing information. Please let us know and we will get it corrected.

For help with setting up your account, please email us at it@crossroadschristian.org