The Medranos: God Moves

April 17, 2022

Nick: I was in the military for 22 years. I had a very successful military career. Darleen and I were married. We were high school sweethearts. Alcohol was involved in my, in that career. That was all part of being in the military. But after the 22 years being military, after I retired, alcohol continued to be part of my life.

It actually was more part of my life than, than it was in the military, which led into doing drugs. Darleen couldn't, um, couldn't deal with the situation anymore, which caused us to, um, get divorced. And she, she left me the effect of me being using alcohol and drugs. Caused me to be in a situation that I, I was stabbed four times.

They, uh, life-flighted me. I remember them life-flighting to me, to the, to the hospital. I was in a hospital for a couple of weeks and I was going through a lot. At that point. I knew that, uh, it was time to make a change. I still haven't been with Darleen. We haven't talked, or I haven't even spoke to her in almost nine years. While I was in the hospital, I didn't know it but my kids had reached out to her and, um, she was, she was praying for me right there.

Darleen: I was just pressing in and praying, not only just for his healing, but I was praying for his heart to be changed. Sometimes it's really hard when you feel like you're the victim and you feel forgotten and devastated, it crushes everybody.

Then in spite of that, God kept my heart. He kept my faith. He kept me strong. And that it was all because of just clinging to him in his word. 

Nick: Seven years? About seven years ago that we start, we started, I started my relationship with God fully committed. He led, it led me to Darleen and I getting remarried, having a relationship with my kids and my grandkids.

Darleen: And we said, God's gotta be center or there's no marriage it has got to be God first. And it's like all those prayers and all those tears over the years, doors open. It's like, bam, there's one answer prayer. 

Nick: And then what's so amazing is that when I thought I was down and I was ashamed, God didn't allow that to, to, to be part of my, our life anymore.

He said, get up, walk my way, walk with me and, and I'll show you a better life. 

Darleen: God says the husband is to love the wife, as the Lord loves the church. And honestly, that has been my prayer for my husband to love me as God loves the church. The Holy Spirit connects you together when you're both walking with Christ and you're, you're putting God first in your marriage and your relationships.

God moves.